Dark grey suit

Dark Grey Suit: whether you wear a suit to work every day or a few times a year, all suits need to be sophisticated. There is nothing as bad as a low budget suit with fabric you have to keep away from flames. Invest in a suit that is timeless and versatile. Navy Suit; A navy suit looks refined and sophisticated. A navy suit can be worn with both black and brown belts and shoes. A black suit cannot. Two expensive suits are better than five cheap ones. One of them should be navy. A timeless coat; through the winter rain snow and wind, what is sure not to let you down is a good quality coat . Consider a classic trench an investment,  you may also consider a made to measure option, what better way to look the part than choosing your own fabrics for your own coat.

A white Shirt: A white shirt is important because it goes with everything; it is the essential wardrobe piece, you could wear underneath that V-neck jumper or inside your navy jacket over some chinos for Friday night drinks!  Warning- you may not be able to keep the ladies away. Order your made to measure shirts at Orhan London Tailoring.

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V-neck Jumper; You need this! It’s the no-fuss way to looking dapper. Get at least four colours, black, grey, navy and choose one bright colour of your choice if you are daring enough. How about red? You can wear it three different ways, one way is to wear it by itself with a vest or tshirt underneath. You can wear it with a coordinated shirt of your choice (remember the white shirt that we talked about earlier that goes with everything?). You can wear it wear it inside a suit blazer on denim jeans. Polo Shirt; These polo t-shirts come in very handy, but look out for a good fit. When they are too big, they lose every element of style. The basic colours white, grey and navy will serve you well. Dark denim jeans; Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, dark denim is timeless and can be dressed up or dressed down. It also looks good through the seasons. Lighter shades of denim tend to work better in the summer.

A good quality watch: There are different types of watches but we all know a good quality watch when we see one. That plastic digital watch is fun and quirky but not with your mohair suit. Just like buying a suit you have to make sure the watch matches your style, and the suits you wear. If you wear a black suit wear a silver/Blue tone watch, or a silver/black tone or a gold tone watch. Just be careful not to get a watch that is too big or too small for your wrist, if you have a small wrist of course get a watch that is a small face or a medium faced watch. if you have a large wrist you can wear a large or medium faced watch, just don’t wear a small faced (Source GQ magazine http://www.gq.com/how-to/fashion/200704/gq-guide-buy-a-watch#ixzz27044Pore).

So there you have it, an easy check list to keep you looking your best, these classics will have you looking great through out the seasons.