What is the Difference Between Bespoke and Made to Measure?

The confusion between Bespoke suits and made-to-measure suits is nothing new. In contrast to ‘off the peg’ suits they both take specific measurements, both are highly specialised, and both come under the umbrella of ‘tailored suits’ – but they are in fact very different types of tailoring.

Many rogue made-to-measure tailors that claim their services are bespoke but in fact, they are not. There are 5 areas to keenly look for in order to decipher this mystery and clear out the jumble once and for all.

The Pattern Involved

With made-to-measure suits, a pre-set pattern has usually been pre-designed and can be adjusted for different shapes and sizes. But Of course, there are some gentlemen whose size or build does not match perfectly to these garments.

Let’s say you try on a suit and the trousers are too long or the sleeves cover your hands – this is where Made-to-Measure comes in. Your tailor can make the necessary adjustments on the pattern to meet your specifications.

For bespoke suits, it starts from the ground up. No pre-existing standard pattern will be used as a foundation. Everything starts from scratch and is hand sewn for a unique pattern -created for the client’s own, individual body dimensions. This makes even the most unconventional of body-types possible to beautifully dress.

Number of Fittings

For Made-to-measure garments, not many. It usually takes one or two fittings: one to to see how the overall fit is looking and what alterations may be required; and the other check that these adjustments then meet the client’s expectations.

On the other hand, the bespoke variation of a suit can take a matter of months. This is due to the need of at least 20 measurements, over 4 fittings, and the hand-cut process. Many wedding suits are crafted this way and are certainly worth the wait when done correctly.

How Much Does a Tailored Suit Cost?

Since made-to-measure does not consume as much time and effort, the average price range is much more affordable than the latter.

Bespoke on the other hand, is more costly. This is due to the number of fittings, labour hours, fabrics used, and much of the work is usually hand-sewn.

The Unlimited Options of Bespoke

Because Made-To-Measure suits are cut from a pre-existing pattern, the pattern can only be adapted so much. This means that the styling details can be changed, and any materials used for the suit can be adapted, but that the fundamental silhouette will remain very much the same.

With bespoke, however, the options are limitless. Each garment is hand-cut from paper pattern-work – meaning that any design, silhouette or style of suit is made possible – offering each client absolute freedom of design.

Which One to Choose?

The choice ultimately comes down to you. It’s a balance of your budget and what you are hoping to achieve from your suit. Many prefer made-to-measure options as it is more affordable but for many, the higher-price of bespoke is justifiable due to the wider range of customizability and old-school, artisan workmanship.

Here at Orhan London Tailoring our men’s tailoring services combine traditional techniques with a newer, modern approach to the trade, keeping up-to-date with the best methods to ensure our garments are incessantly made to a high quality.

Working with you to create a piece with your custom specifications, which is both unique and high-quality, our master tailor is on-hand to provide you with the highest quality finish.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, or which style of tailoring is for you, do not hesitate to contact us today!