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Mens Alterations

Mens Alterations

  • A suit by Orhan is the perfect example of great tailoring – thoughtfully designed, exceptionally made, and perfectly fit for your body and style.

    You might be looking for a great business suit, something sophisticated for the weekends, or a dashing outfit for an event – our tailoring guarantees that you look and feel your very best.

    Each made-to-measure suit offers an impeccable fusion of old-school technique and 21st-century innovation. With computer-generated patterns, laser-cut panels, and highly skilled hand assembling, your suit benefits from the best of both man and machine.

    Orhan provides each client with maximum quality and comfort, combined for effortless style. Our tailoring is not only functional but sets the wearer apart from the crowd – featuring distinguished British and Italian fabrics and unique custom details, all personally selected by you.

    Our Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that every client is thrilled with the result – we even invite each customer to try and check their clothes before they leave the studio. This enables us to assess each alteration, confirming a perfect finish every time.

    Typically it takes a week for any alteration – however we do offer ‘Next Day’ and ‘Half-Week’ express services whenever possible. Call us today for more information.

  • You wouldn't be able to tell that the jacket had been touched, it hangs perfectly. Altogether a great job, I highly recommend Orhan.’

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