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Any Participation in services provided by Orhan London Tailoring Ltd will constitute acceptance of this agreement

1a Garments are pinned and fitted to clients requirements and alterations carried out by a skilled team of tailors. Should the garment still not fit well where the alteration was carried out, it will be re-done free of charge, unless the customers dimensions have changed since time of fitting.
1b. Customers can return an altered item to be re-done free of charge for up to one month.
1c. If the garment has been altered as pinned and agreed, but is not to the clients liking, extra charges may apply for further tailoring to be carried out.
1d. Following the alteration, should the garment require further adjustments to other parts of the garment, charges will apply.

2. Alterations are paid in full before work is carried out, or if a deposit is made, full payment is required either at the time of collection or within one month of due collection date.

3. Uncollected items, due to limited space items will be stored for up to 6 months before being recycled, unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing by Orhan London Tailoring.

Made To Measure and Bespoke Tailoring
4a Orhan London Tailoring offer free alterations to side seams and waists of their custom made suits for the life of the garment. Other alterations will be charged from 8 weeks after collection.
4b Orhan London Tailoring guarantee the garment to fit the customer and will alter or remake to achieve this guarantee, even if body measures have changed from when they were taken. Except where customers dimensions exceed the tolerance of the fabric, or require the fabric to be re-cut, or replaced and re-cut, in these cases extra charges for fabrics and tailoring will apply.
4c. Orhan London Tailoring will not be liable to re-make garments if the customers dimensions have changed beyond the tolerances of the fabric allowance left in each garment for alterations.
4d. The customer will be liable for full payment if their body dimensions have changed, since the order was placed, beyond the possibility of alterations.
4e. The customer chooses the garment fit, style, fabric and custom details when commissioned. If the garment represents the choices made by the customer, Orhan London Tailoring is not liable to remake or refund, should the customer not like the commissioned garments. Orhan London Tailoring will do everything they can to achieve the customers requirements but extra charges may apply.

5a If the customer is not satisfied with either the quality or the fit of the ordered items Orhan London Tailoring will, after inspection of the goods, follow a policy of Repair, Replace and finally Refund. A refund can only be processed following the procedures of repair and replace, and not before the third fitting. For the avoidance of doubt, the first fitting is defined as the first time Orhan London Tailoring presents the commissioned garment for fitting with the Customer.
5b Bespoke garments are unique and individual according to clients specifications, some items have a longer life expectancy than others depending on fabric, styling and fit. Should a fault occur, Orhan London Tailoring should be notified within a reasonable time of noticing the fault and given the opportunity to inspect the garments. Repairs and Replacements will be conducted based on the reasonable wear, tear and care of a particular item, up to one year from purchase. Refunds are given on a pro-rata basis. Orhan London Tailoring retains ultimate discretion on whether a product is deemed faulty or not.
5c In the case of a refund, customer will be eligible for a full refund less the cost of any shipping charges previously incurred as these are considered complete at that point.
5d Orhan London Tailoring will not be held liable for any costs incurred on the part of the Customer during the fitting procedure of repair, replace and refund, regardless of the outcome of the fitting procedure.
5e Custom-made items can neither be returned nor refunded, and the standard 28 day refund policy does not apply. This does not affect your statutory rights and does not apply to faulty goods.

Payment Procedure
6a A 50% deposit or full payment is made at time of commission unless otherwise agreed.
6b Deposit payments cover design, pattern development, tailoring, fabrics, administration and are non-refundable once work has begun on a commission. If the order is cancelled within 24 hours a refund less costs will be made.
6c For bespoke commissions final payment is required within one month of garment being ready for collection or on collection whichever is first.
6d made to measure clothing final payment is required on collection or within one month of garment being ready for customers first fitting. Orhan London Tailoring will invite clients to their fitting via email or phone or both.

7a All orders must be paid for in full prior to delivery
7b Made to Measure Suit service is within 6 to 8 weeks guideline. Orhan London Tailoring will endeavour to meet customer deadlines but accepts no liability for garments being ready after this time.
7c Express services may be available for an extra charge.

Uncollected Items
8a Due to limited space, uncollected Tailored Items will be stored up to 6 months, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing, at which time they will be recycled.
8b Any outstanding payment on uncollected items are due in full, regardless of whether the garment is collected or not, since Orhan London Tailoring has fulfilled their part of the agreement.
8c. Overdue payments will be followed up with reminders via email and or phone. Should payment not be received or an agreement reached, following 90 days from due date. Orhan London Tailoring reserves the right to pass the debt to an external agency.
9. Orhan London Tailoring reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

Data Protection
Your details will be held by Orhan London Tailoring for the purposes of communication relating to our service only,

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