We don’t do Boxy Suits

boxy suit

The Wolf of wall street starring Leonardo di Caprio saw the 90s fashion feature on screen. The 90s doesn’t seem so far ago but looking at the fashion trends, and now that we look back, it’s clear to see how baggy and boxy the suits were.

The aim was to make the modern man look muscular and buff through his suit. To do this, large hanging padded shoulders and extra fabric all around for the look of a big chest. The body shape was basically a box. It took some years to realize it, but seeing a man swimming inside of his own clothes certainly does not make that man look buffer. It makes him look like his body is too frail to fit into his own clothes, like he is some little kid trying on his dad’s clothes.

Shape is most important, but don’t forget to pay attention to detail. ’90s suits contain some un-classic detailing such as low gorges (the notch or points on the lapels fall on the mid-chest instead of being higher). Avoid extended and heightened sharp shoulder pads (shoulder pads are for women), and avoid a suit jacket that is too long, hanging well past your buttocks. Also avoid wide lapels in relation to the width of the suit’s body. Be sure avoiding baggy sleeves that have extra room below your armpit. The most common detail of ’90s suits were 3 or more front button holes.  Two buttons on a business suit is classic.

We should all wear clothes that fit and flatter the body. By going bespoke with an experienced tailor, you’ll get a suit made for the shape of your body, and it will be designed with you in mind. Here at Orhan London Tailoring you are in safe hands in your journey towards the perfect suit. Let Orhan guide you through our range of quality fabrics.

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